By Eunice Brenda
In simple term, dieting can be explained as a process of eating food in a regulated manner to achieve or maintain a desired weight. Many people diet for different reason for example athletes follow a diet to form body muscles and others diet to lose weight.
My claim is that people shouldn’t engage in dieting processes because they miss out a variety of essential foods that help our bodies to grow. While dieting, many people stop consuming some foods believing it’s the reason to why they are growing fat yet in actual sense they are depriving their bodies a chance to work with given foods which might be ruinous in a long run. So many problems are associated with dieting such as dehydration, ulcers, stress and can affect ones general healthy if the dieting process is continuous.
Most times the body has its own sense of timing, when people start dieting, they lose a lot of water and their bodies stop growing-they neither decline nor grow something that is not normal with human bodies since all bodies are expected to experience changes. Many dietitians state that dieting shouldn’t be the only form to lose weight but exercise is equally important.
In conclusion, Instead of depriving our bodies some foods which could be essential for body growth, its better we meet our personal doctors so that they rule out possibilities of cutting down fats. Am of the view that people should also value body exercises while consuming a number of vegetable foods because they not only help us to cut down fats but also make the circulation of blood in our bodies easier hence acquiring a good healthy life.


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