Halloween in Örebro,Sweden

The up-to-the-minute current talk in Orebro, Sweden is Halloween.
Each year in October-Halloween is celebrated by various people ranging from Halloween believers, party goers and bandwagons fans. It’s a day for dressing up in unearthly costumes
and trying to scare each other with skittish stories.

The HAUNTED HOUSE has been put up at the University in Örebro in a famous campus club called ”Karhus” .This festival will run for 3 days and with that I hold strong hopes that these celebrations will follow up as a call back in the near future. Personally I don’t feel I got strong sentiments to  be part of the celebrations because I detest evil like moments . But anyways let me go out party today because after all Halloween is not an evil like course but rather  something fun to me so let’s go.

Welcome to my blog. Let’s see what the future holds. Let’s go…(October 2012).

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