Even though no one knows about it,we have had some success-we have been tardily promoting it with diverse drives so it’s not just a dream.


 I love music -its always there for me so am never alone”,she admits.De Shan is a young ” mulatto” who hails from phillipines and Uganda consecutively . Born and raised in Kampala-she has matured to be an amazing  hardworking and fortified young woman just like any other breakaway African woman.

Shan  is a music artist,movie actress and designer in Uganda . She made her first music recording in  2011 with songs like Am leaving you,gwenjagala “the one i love  ” and  nakusima “i appreciated you “.


Outstanding achievements are usually born out of peachy sacrifices and the result is never limited.Early last year she auctioned for the Route ,a movie which will beam soon and she luckily got the lead role which she visualizes as an amazing experience.

I must confess that Shan would gross out completely if it’s time for movies even though she got other hobbies  like painting,singing and travelling .She dreams big and she’s always grateful with what she treasures like family,her 5 year baby boy Bubu and friends.

Keep your dreams vital-to achieve anything;it requires faith . Evaluate yourself through vision,hard work and dedication.

WitH DeSHaN mORe tO SpRiNg  uP  sO keEp YouR eYeS oPeN!!!

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