by Brenda Eunice

Question is : Would you trust your young daughters with men around you?.

Dear parents,Occasionally you leave your young daughters home with some men thinking they are being taken care of by a soul you trust (your biological brother,male friend or neighbor ),sorry but your innocent angel is being turned into a sex machine.Alas,wake up!!.There is fire in the house and soon it’s going to consume you too.

   ” i have come to accept the feeling of not knowing

     who to trust and i have trained myself not to trust 98% of the men

      around me with my daughter who will be born soon.

      Because it’s when we hit our toes on hard rocks that our spirits are awakened

     even when we don’t know how to solve some mysteries,we still hope in being set  free someday”.

As a black girl who grew up from Africa,Uganda – am afraid to admit that i witnessed so many incidences  where young girls were sexually abused by elderly men especially their uncles and neighbors.All these molestations cannot be prevented because the victims are mostly naive and most of them are afraid that no one is going to believe them.

It takes an awful courage to confide in others about such experiences.While victims grow up,living with such anxieties can be agonizing!!

72689_10202228202578569_364310163_n                               “feasibly if i tell ,the person  who did this to me will kill me”

Over those many decades,not many people have come up to expose such complications yet they exist in so many societies.We should create  awareness of our daughters vulnerability and celebrate their rights and differences.Fear of what-will-happen -to me if i tell  is high and one  of the driving forces behind this fear may be the victims sense of fear for the epidemic of “men’s  violence and threats”.

BEWARE:More  often sexual offenders are known and trusted by the children they victimize and are mostly members  of the family.These culprits are dirty,disgusting,sick,demented and should be subjected to the same sentence given to the famous notorious world terrorists!!!.

TAKE INTO ACCOUNT THAT:this argument does not unveil all men as being the same but rather points out a good number  of them whose habits are infernal and rotten

One comment

  1. Thank your for sharing Eunice. I was rapped by my stepdad and it hurts a lot for many years. Reading your article proves am not alone. Thank you for sharing.


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