Ugandan media mogul in intense love…

  •      Have you ever been in love?.Nice?,Horrible?.what is it???.

Willy Byarabaha is a journalist from Uganda that i met years back,so peculiar but i was convinced he was a kind who would never fall in love and get serious at any point;it’s so wacky to think like that…because people change so i was wrong after all.

Social media exposes a lot to us,with it i realize he is currently in deep love .

I don’t want to sound feminist but my mind tells me now, to believe in the common hear-SAY epigram that “Behind every successful man there is a woman”.With a woman even the bad guys sink themselves down.

Willy’s babies mama  “queen Shanty Denzel”.

THINKING OUT LOUD ;Man,Woman,you shoul try to fall in real love.Real love forms good vibes and those good vibrations are all that matter in life.i want to be loved and lost in love than never to have loved at all.


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