With: Brenda Eunice.


With each and every passing Danish season, am reminded of so many things especially the prime moments;

Around this time of a year i am fully engrossed with the picking of apples and pears. I would stretch my hands so high just to reach a few beautiful pieces i had seen hanging high on the tree.




Some that had dropped down and were still fresh -i gladly dropped them in my bassinet or chewed them there and then as if i hadn’t eaten for days.My pie in the sky now is to just have a day come around where i will be occupied with the dropping of the apples.

“At first it’s one here,one there and then it’s 3,4,5,18 until they all start to drop hard like running horses and finally filling the whole ground”.

Blissfully i would pile the glistening ones in my basket and pace home to make an apple pie.



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