(in the background) Holger Winther’s life mask of author Karen Brixen (1885-1962).-photo:brenda eunice

I met Karen Brixen,yes i met her;”OUT OF AFRICA”,the book i remember reading over and over again 11 years ago profoundly moved me so visiting her museum in Rungstedlund,Denmark gave me an overwhelming craze plus securing flash backs of the times she wondered in the Ngong hill woods in Kenya.

Around her ancestral  home lays a lawn there is a deck wooden chair which i relax on because i want to visualize the split moments i had spent with the author while touring her museum ; i felt she still lives. Some years back whilst on a safari expedition in one of Uganda’s rain forests , i happened to wonder aimlessly in the woods,i had consumed a mug full of cherries that i had earlier picked in the nature, suddenly i felt the urge to rest in a hammock that hang on the shrub.Not long after i had slept-a slight sound stirred me and when i opened my eyes,i was beaming into a face of a hungry Capuchin monkey.Wide awake my eyes bridged,i tried to blink to assume i was dreaming…… “E-U-N-I-C-E ..E-U-N-I-C-E”,i heard someone calling out my name faintly.                                                                Was i dreaming?,well i will leave the question to you.

I was taught by my parents to always acknowledge my fears.it’s very usual that most people constantly ignore their frights but courage will never be obtained unless you overcome phobia.Karen is portrayed as a brave and bold character who on many occasions set out to deal with situations many would  rule out to be solid pain.

  THINKING OUT LOUD :  ‘ It’s not the hard rocks we hit out toes on that cause pain but the feelings of regret;generate something valuable while your still chalked up with that gleaming energy so that when your old and wearly you have a good bunch of fascinating stories to tell”. -brenda eunice




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