We are eliminating hate by spreading love.

16736786_972801966187780_1273688404_n“TEAM NO HATE 77” is one of the recently developed establishments in Sweden.Their key note is focused on “promoting love and eliminating hate as much as they can”- with a slogan ,WE THINK DIFFERENTLY.

Every human must decide whether they walk in the light of creative awareness or shades of wrecking opportunism.My adventurous voyage drives me to discover  and question the unknown.Over one of my social media avenues,i had a concise interview with “Jesus Bayern” the CEO of a certain overriding venture.

Brenda Eunice:Just a while ago on my Instagram , i saw a placard with “team no hate 77” circulating  a hash tag with your name. Bayern can you you please tell me more about this label and what it represents.

Bayern Jesus:Sure,i am so honored.Well it’s a non governmental organisation based in Stockholm,Sweden.Our vision is to whirl and phase out negative thinking by escalating love and good relations among different people.

Brenda Eunice: Um mm i see .so what motivated you to structure such a strategy?.

Bayern Jesus: Over the years when i came to Europe from Uganda with my friends, we discovered that in every way of life  ranging from the normal ways of living to employment related issues,a limited number of people give a hand to lift up those that desperately lust for help.I and the rest of the group think highly of equal rights and urge societies despite of their unlike cultural settings to consistently create a solitary atmosphere.

Brenda Eunice:That is a tremendous aim.So what is the group’s aim?.

Bayern Jesus:We are thinking of so many things.We want to help the youth by tutoring them on various approaches that could probably benefit them plus give back to the needy .It’s anew design so a lot is expected.

Brenda Eunice:Yes it’s a new sketch and i look forward to seeing more to it.would you mind telling me the people involved in this approach. I hope am not impolite.

Bayern Jesus: No-you are not,it’s acceptable because women are always curious.Well ,it’s me ,Jordan,Edris,Bigmo,Yusuf and Nasser all based in Stockholm,Sweden.

Brenda Eunice:Good to know and thank you so much for this peachy time.Looking forward to seeing more of the explicit executions from you.

Bayern Jesus:Thank you Eunice!


THINKING OUT LOUD: Achieving your goals is concentrating and  making sure you know exactly what you what .You never miss out your target when you eyes are widely open .




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