Ugandan-Denmark based Events promoters are wrestling and feuding…

It is notable for the past few years that different independent events organizers have emerged with each striving to give improved and exceptional services to the mass. A few of those formed in Denmark by Ugandans were : Peter Ntende’s entertainment groups,JB entertainment,Neti Events,Red Zones,Dee Sounds and Uda-V entertainment.


Shhh bubble. Pin up woman putting her forefinger to her lips for silence. Pop art comics style. Vector illustration. Pop art girl says shhh

It’s been revealed by a lot sources that some of these concert organizers are engaged in continued bitter misunderstanding and massive conflicts.

Latest hearsay reveals that some promoters have taken it to another level by staging music shows on the same date,a concept which will affect the Entertainment industry in a long run.

Even  though this world is an arena of competition with everyone struggling to maximize the economy,finances and power,i believe the world should be more of mutual understanding where collective parties work in teams for a greater end result.

Additionally-relating to the current lucrative event management, for most strategies to be outstanding ,i suppose -event organisers should agree on planned calendars unlike abrupt programs so they give a chance to the fans to decide on which events to attend without confusion.“Memorable concerts don’t merely deliver what’s expected; they also take audiences beyond what they can visualize.”

Someone i know noted when asked over the phone ” Look ,i don’t care if  2 events are organized on the same date because i decide where i wanna go and no one will stop me”.

On the hand, i must confess that there are a lot of good things associated with Uganda event organizers in Denmark who satisfy the mass through means like effective communication,favorable priced tickets and well-organised shows.


QUOTE OF THE DAY :   I want to attend a concert and i tell this to myself the next day  ” Can’t forget this——–it was fun!”.





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