Women – you have probably met one particular bad boy who approaches you,sweet talks you and makes you believe everything is in place. A lot of women would like to be loved for who they are rather than being torn apart-I guess it’s a different narrative with most men.

Himbi and Lillian

Himbi King is a Ugandan actor who has roles with Deception NTV, Uganda, Light media films, Urban Tv, Uganda, Fast Track productions Ltd and the hostel series, Ntv.

This cover has been informed by authentic sources that Himbi who relocated to Dubai a few months back to administer a big theatre movement left his baby mama Lillian in Uganda who was then pregnant with his son.

Everything has been operating well between the two despite their distant relationship not until the ” player himself ” got involved with one mzungu girl called Mellissa who lives in Dubai.


Having an interview with a certain renowned Tv station some time back, Himbi revealed to his fans that he was planning a mega wedding with Lillian.Following the ongoing state, Lillian has called off the engagement claiming that there is no way she could commit herself to Himbi whom she branded a “betrayer”. It’s such a pity!!.

When contacted through one of his social media channels, Himbi dismissed the chit-chat claiming that Mellissa is only a business partner.

Myself who is writing I don’t understand why I feel he’s hiding something but the truth should better be told…

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