Dee youth workshop Copenhagen 2018

32089327_2191259107557784_3969821469780738048_n12 th. May this year we are witnessing one of the tremendous youth workshops in Copenhagen, their chief goal is to enlighten the teens and youth on gaining fundamental elements that teach them how to deal with issues that bring stress in their personal lives. They intend to present new offers of which the most tangible one  is effortless access to Education; it comes along with a brighter future and high chances of seizing power to transform one’s long-term well being both in economics, social and emotional status.

Guest speakers intend to talk about the integration system within the Danish society and added to that will be career building.

Involved in the discourse  will be ;

. Zaake W. Kibedi–  Ambassador
. Ane Divine Jinor –  Legal Adviser.
. Dr. Deo Musiige –  Elect. Eng.
. Aligo Francis –  Social worker and a Municipal politician.
. Syriaque Thomsen.- IT Compliance Coordinator at Novo Nordisk.

Taking into account collaborators to this event are #Dee sounds a renowned events promoting club,#World Remit, and #Prax gardens.

Noticeable aspects to consider: Positive engagement is observed when organizations/ institutions aim at having the youth as one of their main target group and interpersonal communication is too important for bonding and development of shared identity.



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  1. Thanks Brenda for the Write out and we look forward to seeing you at the workshop. Stay bless.



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