Will i still feel safe to live in my Ideal Town?.

Brønshoj Town

This ideal place where I live lies  4 km west of Copenhagen center, it harbors a number of residential areas, schools, businesses, ponds, lakes, parks, and a lot more stuff.  This town is part of the municipality of Copenhagen which borders#Husum and then # Tingbjerg to the north.


On the 16th.09.2018 through my kitchen window I had seen police fastening crime scene tapes, dogs designed with blue led lights uncommonly wondering around and armed men who never talked but only gave signals to residents to stay back in their homes.   I hurriedly ran back to my living room with my 3 years old girl secured tightly on my chest.  Later the next day from a few sources, it was alleged that someone was stabbed and killed in this area.  Going through the google search I cannot seem to track any news reports of this crime event voiced in the media. Well, I might account it to my not efficient knowledge of the Danish domain.

To kill my curiosity I decide to call a friend who is an indigenous Danish who on my occasions has worked with different media companies in Denmark _ surprisingly to him such a scene ain’t listed anywhere in the Danish media.

Whilst my heart is pounding so fast I relate this feeling to the current mood in my mother country Uganda, Africa. For some months now, we have observed through social media terrible ruthless crimes against humanity by ”the people in power” – it could be governing states, selfish institutions or the so-called mafia states. I  seem clueless and wonder why ongoing ruling parties won’t put some sort of an end to society felonies like #crimes against humanity, #minor exploitation,#merciless killings with torture and much more ( just add a hashtag).

Globally we have witnessed endless killings and the majority of the people are startled. Safe measure organs will castigate gangs, unethical states, militant groups and egoistic individuals for these severe killings but the big question remains how viable can we all control criminality and make this world a better place to live.  Most ordinary people will assert they are living in fear of losing their loved ones, fellow countrymen, friends, and neighbors.

I will not want:

I will not want to go to bed

every night thinking of tightly securing my doors…

because am scared of being attacked while am sleeping.

I will not want to take an evening walk with

my child thinking someone is hiding the lawn

ready to attack us…

I will not want to make laundry in the

basement feeling so frightened with every footstep…







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  1. […] To take you back , on September .23rd.2018, on this same blog I had expressed my fears  when through my kitchen window I had seen the police fastening my entire neighborhood with crime scene tapes ,dogs designed with led lights, heavily armed men wondering around and warning people to stay in their homes. This came after some one was mercilessly stabbed and killed not so far from my apartment.https://brendaeunice.com/2018/09/23/will-i-still-feel-safe-to-live-in-my-ideal-town/ […]


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