Why King Saha won’t come to Denmark 2018 as planned.

King Sasha is a musician originally from Uganda, He has made weighty performances in Uganda and uncountable international shows.  One the most spotted shows in the Schengen was evident by our sources  in Copenhagen through Afro den reports

King Saha should be performing in Copenhagen this 3rd November  2018 under Redzones Entertainment.

This week when i talked to Redzone manager Melo the series, he broadly confirms Saha ain’t performing as planned because of migrations facets.         I was so curious so i reached out to  Saha and he  confirms he desired to have the stage in Copenhagen but he couldn’t perform . The minor reasons he indirectly gave was “one of the gigantic telecommunication companies”  in Uganda had booked him prior to the planned events in Europe.That is a lame excuse i thought….

Most of the people  who would willingly want to turn up for the 3rd november show were thrilled to have Saha take up the stage because of his 2018 hit songs.BUT THEN NO STRESS

Red zones now says  Joseph Mayanja aka Chameleon known for his legendary songs in East Africa will instead take the stage. Not to be forgotten, ‘‘home to Africa” will be one year old this 3rd nov 2018 and Chameleon was used to launch their genesis in 2017.

Staticically Saha has performed better than the legendary artist this year so it would be meaningful to have Saha in Copenhagen but due to unknown invisible agendas between the promoter and the artist we shall( us the fans) have Chameleon entertain us instead.

NOTE; There should be transparency in all aspects of life.


One comment

  1. What a lame excuse from Saha,If I was in his shoes, I would rather turn down the people in Ug than Den’.Anyway,maybe it was beyond his control coz at times promoters are also not very easy guys,they are two faced.


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