Scandinavian Haves in Denmark split because of misunderstandings.


on the left is Dee sounds and right Joseph Wajjala                   

The Scandinavian Haves was founded by two people that are Joseph Wajjala and Dee sounds who all reside in Denmark. This brand started operating in Dec.2017, under a  nightlife theme called ”Million Dollar Party”. This nightlife event should only operate in Uganda -at least that I know.

Developing story

On a Monday evening, a friend requests I speak to someone on her phone. This call is unpredicted but well I will compose myself and try to sound more official in my tone. Notably, Fred the caller seems so relaxed. I get stirred because what he repeatedly told me seemed like a blazing story. Some of his assertions were quite inevitable, I learn from him that Joseph Wajjala now solely manages Scandinavia Haves because Dee sounds opted out. Of course, I need to dig deep because I must confirm these allegations so I reach out to the management of Dee sounds.

My Findings 

Dee sounds is undoubtedly not part of the Scandinavian Haves more. And he contends he won’t be part of the brand’s future businesses. He would rather focus on his events in Denmark because businesses like the million dollars party never yield profits. I will correlate these assumptions with what Fred had earlier said to me over the phone,  ” look, Eunice, Dee sounds and Joseph could never be partners in business because the latter is just a showy character yet Dee is strictly business oriented so the two have divergent goals”. 

I can’t access Joseph but perhaps you can draw meaningful exerts from the condensed video analysis below.   In the video extracted from a program report aired on a local TV station in Uganda ( Nov 2018), Joseph promised to spend half a million dollars on revellers who were attending his nightlife party this month. He went ahead to pat himself on the back and affirmed he owns a big Hotel and Restaurant in Denmark.  I would regard this to be a positive advertisement appeal which is a typical approach for most tv spots but still, it portrays a stereotypical view that some capitalists use alluring ways to promote their businesses but what of the revellers (in this case) whose expectations are somehow not met ?.


Both Dee sounds and Joseph are distinguished event promoters in the Schengen with a history of lucrative programs, so not working together will carry no effects on each other. Dee has held a number of functions this year in Denmark while few from Joseph were screened.  When Joseph decides to broaden his pursuit in Uganda and manages it individually , that is an advantage I speculate.

But oh yes, one man’s meat is another man’s poison



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