Catching up with Afro pop Ashercax from Netherlands

I was sitting in the back of my friend’s car in a still traffic. Over his CD player, a variety of music plays. Some of the lyrics i could  not understand. My friend says ” that’s Jamaican music and the language used is patois so just enjoy the beats and leave alone what you cant understand”.  I stared at him . what sort of a person in their right mind would ask someone to enjoy the beats rather than the lyrics. i asked myself.

It reminded me. I knew someone from Netherlands whose music i had listened to sometime back. Ashercax is his name. He is a young talented Afro pop artist based in Amsterdam.  I told myself that this would ,finally,be the moment to call him and talk to him about his music.

Phone ring……………………..

Eunice. Hello. How are you and how is life?.  It’s been a long time.

AsherCax: Hey Eunice. I am fine,maybe you?.

Eunice:  Well i  happened to listen to some music right about now . it’s kinda boring. Does some music bother you?

AsherCax:  huh, boring you say..  There is nothing like boring music. it could be boring for you when it’s exciting to other people.

Eunice:  I guess it’s a question of taste and preference. By the way , how is  it going with your music career. You have been quite for some time.

AsherCax:   At one point I felt I needed to have a change of direction. So i took a break because I wanted to find out who I really was.

Eunice:  I see. so what did you discover in this journey of finding yourself?. Would it be ok if you told me?

AsherCax : I mean, music and art is what i am . I assume this is my destiny. I have an album that I plan to release. it is called 2nd June (the reborn) . It is a mix of Afro, pop  which involves languages  like English, Luganda, and Kinyarwanda. some of the trending songs there are ”ontemula” and ”6 in the morning”.

Eunice:  Great, that is a new development.  And of course you have your future ambitions and dreams . It would be sweet of you if  you mentioned some of those ploys and  aspirations.

AsherCax: I have got my time ahead expectations and plans.  One notable one is , I want to become a star with my music. With the songs that i produce,they should  have  ethical materials that would benefit both me and my audience. Like you had mentioned earlier, ,music produced for the purpose of enjoying the beats rather the message is vague. Secondary I am personally involved  in issues related to Non-government organizations and funding. In the future  I would love  to fund more kids that don’t have the capacity to acquire a quality life.

Eunice:  About the NGO  notion. It’s quite obvious to me that  now days ,many public figures and some ordinary people are much involved in the NGO field . Is it just a trend or it’s a new way of making money?.

AsherCax: There has to be transparency in all aspects of life. I don’t know how other people are doing it …. but, I feel my cause should be genuine. If i have the capacity to help the disadvantaged then why not.

Eunice: I can only imagine. Looking forward to listening to your new album. And thanks man,I have enjoyed the chitchat. I plan to come visit Rhoda in Amsterdam soon,let’s link up and talk more about your music and life.

AsherCax: Sure. We should look forward to that and thanks for the call Eunice.

Phone hangs up………..



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