Joseph Wajjalla of Neti events explicit disclousure


in one of his rides in Denmark

Joseph Wajjala is a freelance professional chef and an events organizer who operates in Denmark under the brand of Neti events and Uganda(million dollar party). This week I had a chit chat with him speculating on diverse facets in life.  And below, I present to you  an excerpt extracted from our conversation


The phone rings from the other side………

Joseph:  Hey Eunice, how are you?.

Eunice: I am fine Joseph.  It’s been a long time. And gosh, you are so quiet.

Joseph:  Actually I am not quiet. I have several new projects going on and that is kind of distracting me away from the many things in life.

Eunice: It’s understandable. By the way,  about your projects. In recent years we have had celebrated musicians like Demarco, Konshens, Timaya, Flavor, Eddie Kenzo and many others having great concerts in Denmark under the umbrella of Neti Events;  a brand you solely own.   How come we haven’t seen your works lately?

Joseph:  Well, I have had successful shows here in Denmark but due to the emerging stiff competition and resentment within events coordinators.  I felt I had to shift my focus to having tremendous events in Uganda instead.

Eunice:   It sounds like events business is not lucrative anymore within the Ugandan society in Denmark.Right?.

Joseph: Something like that I may say. Over the past years, events organizers worked together for a common cause, yet today most event organizers are interested in becoming popular one thing that is making them work in loses. The high growing demand for everything is leading to stiff markets in all sectors of life. In today’s market, one should have a good network and they should be able to work with others for prosperous businesses.

Eunice: Are you encountering any obstacles in your endeavors whilst trying to expand your projects in a foreign country, more still in a country where you don’t reside?.

Joseph:  Before launching my million dollar party in Uganda, I had done research on the entertainment industry in Uganda, I knew someone who had made several on-track events. Her name is Connie Brown Shuga, she lives in Sweden but has yearly ”black and white ” event in Uganda. With her support, I had acquired extra means on penetrating the Ugandan Entertainment Industry without much hesitancy. The same case, when I had just started working with Neti events herein Denmark, I had gotten in touch with one Brown Veve Shiraz who showed me the right direction that contributed much to the success of Neti events.

Eunice:  Interesting to hear. A good communication strategy is essential for all companies and institutions. Joseph, what communication strategy have you used to promote your events and also have many people come to attend your events?

Joseph: In my kind of business, I feel it’s always crucial to consider our customers’ demands. In case of a concert, I usually consider investing in hot-selling musicians, the replay of artists is a no go. I would never bring an artist to perform over and over again. I will too -always try to reach out to my audience which is a sign of gratitude and appreciation for their support. Most events organizers focus on reaching out to their audience through Facebook, there is more to facebook like calling or sending them SMS

Eunice:   Amazing. Besides events, what else do you work with?

Joseph: Well I may say I am a freelancer chef that works with different local and international restaurants. I also have a partnership with a colleague where we own a hotel and restaurant here in Denmark. Once more, I also work with an organization here in Denmark where I teach prisoners how to cook.

Eunice: Kudos Joseph. I would love to hear more from you. Let’s plan one of these days and meet. We should talk more about your upcoming projects. Your supporters surely miss you in the field.

Joseph: Why not. Let’s do that. See you soon

Phone hangs up….


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