The Janero type was the kind that wandered in the fields and suddenly Anabella came to light. At this point, the summer twist unfolds…

Most jolly moments in my life are usually spontaneous and this doesn’t bother me – at least I give a second thought to any decision I make and put in mind that any consequences encountered are mine to face.

Taking you back, ´´This time of the year was summer´´, I had planned on visiting a few friends abroad for I had 2 months to waste away.   In a place where I reside, most people always invest in luxurious vacations during this time of the year. I should drift away to Sweden, ´´I thought to myself´´.

Uncountable times, when the summer heat burnt through my toes even though I had wedges on, I trembled/freaked and all I craved for was the ocean breeze. With all the trees blooming, the forests lightly creating picnic shades..,. Oh well,.I must make use of the Helsingør and Helsingborg ferry to connect to Southern Sweden where concerts were booming.

In southern Sweden, I had met friends and later in the evening, someone around my circle proposed a house party. This sounded like a great idea -to my kind of interpretation, ´´I would float away in a super cosy swimming pool´´ and not to forget, I had overheard Glen( Glen was the guy hosting the party), talking of  a new swimming pool he had just built in the back of his mansion. WHY NOT?.  Omg, I love adventure but well to the dark side, I never knew what lied ahead of me.

Up to date, these memories still boom like roller coasters in a deserted amusement park.

To some extent, this house party was traumatizing so had to run away from it. I stood alone on an empty road that curved through fields. My hand stuck out as I tried to get someone to stop. Many cars nearly chopped my hand off, so I jerked it in a lot of times. I pushed my hand again but this time not quite far, I noticed dim lights of an approaching bicycle. Puzzled and uncertain if this stranger would help, I looked into his face with a destitute sort of empty attitude. We then talked, his name was so familiar, that moment I trusted him with my life.  He offered to ride me on his bike to a nearby train station. I had told him I was ill so assumingly he felt pity for me.   ON HIS BIKE: smiling lightly, it seemed like the Joseph and Mary experience. He had helped me catch a train and we hugged. Whilst in the train, my limbs ached, my legs wobbled so I took a nap thinking I would wake from the ongoing escapades. I desperately wanted to get back to my home!!!.

Following the birth of the European migrant crisis, border controls that time were fierce. It would not affect me since I had moved along with the required documentation. I should go to the forex bureau while I wait for the next train.  Standing outside the bureau´s counter, a few seconds later, I never wanted to blame myself for taking this trip to Southern Sweden. I should just lay low and let the gods lead. Two giant Swedish policewomen had led me to a parked car that later drove to the police station. My hands were not cuffed but stared aimlessly as we drove not having any single idea of what would happen next…

Keep hooked up for other parts…






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