A case of cyber bullying and intimidation on social media

cyberbullying forms

Social media is the new source of crimes which are not punishable most times, with some prominent ones such as cyberbullying and intimidation. Cyberbullying is averbal or psychological harassment carried out via electronic means of communication mostly through social media. Cyberbullying can be identified in forms like insults, threats, gossip, stalking and identity theft. Not to forget, being a mum to a 4-year-old girl, I get afraid to parade her on my social accounts because I have witnessed many times how some facebooks users castigate children -an action that is entirely unpleasant.

Social media channels like facebook recognise that bullying and harassment posses an emotional impact on people especially minors and it goes ahead to operate the bullying prevention Hub, a resource for teenagers, parents and educators which supports issues related to bullying and conflicts. But it has not done much in controlling content made by some facebook users(facebook bullies) that make other users feel unsafe and disrespected on Facebook. One of the greats dangers of cyberbullying is that once the information comes to the internet, it might be hard to erase it. But at least we should applause the new EU data protection rules that introduced a right to be forgotten which allows victims to request the deletion of their personal data-but not quite sure how it works.

To turn back to the case, there are no serious measures taken against continued cases of degradation against peoples sexuality, making false attacks on given people, participating in text wars, posting rumours, impersonating someone, sharing nudes of someone in a way of degrading them, using a camera to video shame someone etc. Flipping the book, some people have argued that bullying is part of growing up but lets not forget that there are many points to consider like ´´Internet is often provoking victimisation with its viral effect´´, so we could witness more cases like suicide, depression, drug abuse and offline victimization due to social media bullying.

Well, let us think of ideas which can lessen bullying atrocities.

.In life the greatest gift you can possess is self-confidence and acceptance. Know that it is not your fault if you are blamed for some act you never made. Always save evidence from someone that bullied you, ask the person bullying you to stop and if they dont,seek for help from the authorities and lastly always protect your phone by making passwords in order to prevent personal information from leaking.


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    • Many cases of cyber bullying have been witnessed on social media recently. A lot of people are bullied and myself i have witnessed some of the victimized individuals running berserk. Cyber bullying mainly cases offline victimization which results into depression and in worse cases suicide. We should take this as a serious note.


  1. I don’t feel I have my freedom on social media especially on Facebook .Definitely it is not a good idea to expose all our private life on social media
    Something here to learn and of course no measures have been taken.


    • Thanks for the look out.
      The friends i have talked too made the same remarks. They don´t feel safe on social media´because some social media users are extremely violent. Social media has given a platform for all kinds of people to assimilate with out any strict laws imposed on certain crimes which are becoming destructive to societies.


  2. Thank you for addressing an issue that is too often either ignored or trivialized. I was also cyberbullied at forty years old right after the death of my last husband. It hurts bad enough for an adult but I can’t imagine what it does to kids, who haven’t yet developed the processing ability and concrete thinking skills.

    It’s my hope that this will continue to be addressed and that more people will be inclined to think before they post! This is a great post and again, I thank you for bringing awareness!


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