Singer Heather Nanteza parades new lover.

Heather Nantenza is a Ugandan female vocal artist and a songwriter based in Horsholm, Denmark. Apart from singing, Heather is a dancer with Motomoto Entertainers, an African dance group that specialises in dancing African traditional songs.

cuddled up on the streets

Singer Heather who is commonly known for her songs like”Tukumbe” that was shot a year ago with the famous Amarula Family from Uganda then, ”let me know” that was made last summer in Copenhagen and among others- flaunts new lover Carlos. Carlos is rumoured to have a Ugandan origin and works as a software developer.  Earlier last week, Heather was noticed flaunting her lover in Stockholm. This blog then had a chance to talk to one of Heather’s close friend who revealed to us that besides Heather being head over heels for Carlos, she has solid intentions of relocating to Sweden to legally join her newfound fiance’. Whilst in Stockholm, the couple cuddled up on the streets, went shopping hand in hand in Sturegallerian- a shopping mall which is the height of elegance in Stockholm, and later headed to Lydmar Hotel one of the highly-rated 5star hotels in Sweden. To confirm our suspicions, this blog plans to have a chit chat with Heather later this month who will elaborate more on the matter.

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she said,baby let us take a selfie….
love in the air

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