Uganda Cranes in Denmark promoted to serie 3

 On this day my thoughts wonder through many valleys. I cannot let go of the urge that holds me still and keeps reminding me of that mystery I must explore. The sun shines brightly. Even with the little rain that keeps surfacing, my mind still wonders. This moment of the year-I long to feel the warmth of the ocean. Not to forget many times in the summer I always elope to cottages neighboring sea shores no matter what but it is sombre now..

holding my mobile phone…

staring at it aimlessly.

 thinking hard to myself

Well I must do something



Eunice: Hey…

Tom crane: Yes Eunice. It’s been a long time.

Eunice: Yes, I know. how are you?. Good to catch you on the phone. Well I meant to ask you something. As a Ugandan residing here in Denmark, it’s a big shame that am not connected to the Ugandan football team existing in Denmark. Last time I checked you were the PRO of the team; would you be kind enough to elaborate on the current state of team. Sorry to buckle you un aware.

Tom Crane: No worries. Though I am no longer the PRO of the team, it’s been a year and a half since I was elected the chairperson of the team. DJ Jeff is the PRO.

Eunice: Oh wow. this is news to me, guess I have been away too long. So, who are those prominent people on the team.

Tom Crane: Well I wouldn’t call them prominent but selfless people because they offer to serve the community. Like I said Jeff is PRO, Mr. Kalyango as coach, Amos the assistant coach, Mules the vice chairman, Kalito Obligante the welfare man, Ivan team manager and Pr Jeff the treasurer among others.

Eunice: Very interesting. Because behind every successful enterprise lies a strong team. Kudos. So tell  me what is buzzing with the team?. New projects,games,achievements  or what?.

Tom Crane: Of course. Recently  we were promoted to a bigger league in Denmark where we elevated to serie 3. In Copenhagen we have 6 series which are headed by GBU( Danish bold Union) _a football union similar to FUFA in Uganda.



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